How to read a Label
One of the things I do is teach people how to eat. When you go grocery shopping the best place to start is the labels on the sides of all the boxes and bags. The ingredients list has always been there. I look for a few things on every label. I want to know that there isn’t anything artificial. The rule of thumb is, if you cannot pronounce it you shouldn’t eat it. They are mostly chemicals and damage your body. The things I avoid every time are anything that says high fructose corn syrup, enriched grains, artificially flavors and colors, all of the FD&C colors, MSG, (even listed as “spices” on ingredients lists) … read more
Plagued by Depression, mood swings and anxiety?
Ninety-five percent of our neurotransmitters are in our gut. So does this explain when we are constipated why we are so grumpy – I’d say “YES”. We only have one-two percent located in our central nervous system, (our brain and spinal column). Hmmm, Then only two-three percent of serotonin is found in our blood. Most of my clients that come in want to work on the gut – constipation, indigestion, GERD, IBS … read more
Invest in Self Care

I see many clients that suffer from un-checked stress and if managed,  many would heal faster and benefit long term. I suggest that most invest time several times a week in themselves … read more
Imbalances Happen To Everyone!
It all started this past summer. I was at the pool, trying to give blood during the blood drive. I take the pre-requisite hemoglobin test to determine eligibility to give and FAIL. My hemoglobin was LOW! I had been on a daily salad binge and did liquid chlorophyll with regularity in my water. How could I have low hemoglobin? The men I played poker with were walking around with their “dad bods” drinking beer, hard liquor and fried chicken sandwiches and all had a sticker on themselves showing they were able to give blood – and I wasn’t – I actually was ashamed, embarrassed that the one who cared … read more

Enhance your Brain!

Most Common Problems I See with Clients

What I Learned About Vaccinations

Sneeze, sniff, sneeze, cough, sniff…

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