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Fermented Foods to Reduce Your Body’s “Toxic Load”
From morning ‘til night, our bodies are exposed to a variety of chemical toxins. This may be difficult to believe, but if you take a closer look, you will be alarmed at what you find.

Depression, Alzheimer’s Might Be Part of Same Process in Some Aging Brains: Study
New research is untangling the complex relationship between symptoms of depression and losses in memory and thinking that often emerge together with Alzheimer’s disease.

Obesity and ‘Spare Tire’ Raise Hispanics’ Odds for Early Death
Excess weight, especially a “spare tire” around the middle, increases the risk of an earlier death for Hispanics, a large new study suggests.

Latest In Practice News

Men Go Through Menopause Too!
Men’s hormones shift, just as a women’s does. These hormone shifts can be stressful and harmful to the cardiovascular system, and that’s not all. Recognize the shift and create balance, that’s what my practice is all about.

Allergy testing!
Test up to 170 foods and chemicals found in your foods!

Plagued by depression, mood swings and anxiety? Take the Natural Path!
Neurotransmitters, Your happy chemicals, need more support at times! Take the Natural Path to find balance! I will test your levels and help you get back on track.

When Credit Card Fees Apply
If you use your credit card with me to pay for your lab work, you will pay a 4% fee. No fees to pay cash or check, so remember your checkbook! I take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express right now. Thank you for your understanding.


FREE 30 minute introductory appointments to those that just want to see what my practice is all about and how I can help you become healthier! This is for new clients only. I will do these any day of the week except Sunday.

Referral program
Thank you for your referrals to The Natural Path! To show my appreciation, you will receive a 10% discount on your next visit when the new client visits me.

Glycemic Index: Balancing the Sweetness in Your Life (Part I)
Which raises blood sugar more, a potato or a fudge brownie? The answer: A plain old potato actually raises your blood sugar slightly more than a rich, gooey brownie, according to the American Diabetes Association. In fact, a white potato breaks down into sugar immediately upon entering your body. Glycemic index (GI) is a value assigned to a food depending on how much it raises blood sugar.

Glycemic Index: Balancing the Sweetness in Your Life (Part II)
Here are some suggestions to lower the GI of the foods that you enjoy the most.

The 206 bones in your body weigh only about 20 pounds, but they are strong enough to support your body’s weight. When you walk, your feet and the bones within, undergo forces of about three times your weight. When you walk fast or jog, the forces increase rapidly so that your bones have to withstand pressures that go up to about five or six times your weight. So if you weigh about 140 pounds, the stress on your lower body can easily exceed 700 pounds.

Have a family history of diabetes? Concerned YOU might become diabetic? Call to schedule a quick and easy test to see if you might be able to prevent blood sugar problems.

With new warnings out on the safety of OTC children’s cold remedies – I figured it is time to tell you about the natural alternatives – with no warnings or side effects. Here is what I do for my children – and what I grew up on any time I had a sniffle, fever, or cough.

The bone robber
Soda pop contains a significant amount of phosphorus, an acid-forming mineral. Research has shown that phosphorus can interfere with the skeleton’s ability to absorb calcium. A natural whole foods diet, free of soft drinks, is most important for teenagers when 40 to 60 percent of peak bone mass is built.

Testing Neurotransmitters now!

I pride myself on providing you with quality products and personalized professional service. I strive to help you on your way to good health.

The Natural Path is testing Neurotransmitters! Kits are available at my office and are pre-paid. The client takes the test in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Once the test is completed and sent out, the results will be sent to Jill within 7-10 days. Check out Jill’s new blog for further information on testing neurotransmitters.

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