69 Doses of 14 vaccines delivered in 50 different injections before 18 years of age

So I was invited to be on the WFMY news last week to sit on a vaccination panel. I was to represent the side with children who aren’t vaccinated. I was to sit with a mom who also had the same views. I was suppose to be “against” a pediatrician and a woman from the heads the vaccination program in Forsyth County. The day before, the mom I was to sit with backed out and left me to talk about it on my own. Julie Luck was kind enough to allow me to sit on the panel with one other person on the other side so that It was a fair discussion. I sat with the health department that evening.

I am not against all vaccines! I am for a safer vaccination schedule that is personalized to an individual. Did you know that a dog will be given a test, (titers test),  to determine if they have antibodies before being injected with some vaccinations?  Kids, our precious babies, these are never even looked at. Protocol is just to start injecting at birth!  I made the decision not to vaccinate about six years before ever having children. I took several classes on vaccinations and even taught one. When my first child was born in 2000, I discussed with my husband and his family my views and they agreed, thank the Lord! I saw my nephew go through his first round of vaccinations and the relentless screeching from the child never stopped. Such a calm infant one day and post vaccinations a screaming, flailing, suffering child. Later years answered why, he was suffering from a form of autism. While high functioning, still damaged. This a terrifying to witness.

The difference between when I was a kid and now with vaccinations is astounding!! Before I reached college I had a total of 24 vaccines. These days, before 18 years of age kids have 71, yes, 71 vaccines!!!! Babies, little, fragile infants have no protective barriers for their brains, (blood-brain barrier). This barrier isn’t fully formed until they are two years old. Protocol says these babies get 38 vaccines injected into their blood streams before this barrier is formed. That’s a lot of toxins going into their blood and brains.  Babies in utero receive antibodies from their mom. This is called passive immunity. Yep, we are “vaccinating them” as they are growing inside. Breastfeeding then passes on more antibodies right into their gut. I chose to breastfeed each of my children for 2 years a piece. This is the recommended window for them to be protected.

When asked to sit on this panel I knew what I had studied more than a decade earlier no longer applied. I studied up and became grateful all over again that we did not vaccinate. There were a lot of points I wanted to make during my interview, but for 1 1/2 hour we saw the moderator 4 times for about 5 minutes each time. Barely enough time to get my new found points out to those parents wanting to know WHY?

This is a place I can get these things to those that want to learn. It’s as easy as looking in the news and in physicians references to read ingredients on these “life saving injections”.  The one vaccination that I will consider is the tetanus. It is a mixed vaccine which makes it a little more dangerous for someone like myself. I am autoimmune, my uncle, my grandmother, this is familial, so we have to be careful what we do to our immune systems. What makes it dangerous? Well here are a list of ingredients:  formaldehyde, ethyl-mercury, aluminum, egg protein, sodium chloride, the inactive bacteria, antibiotics, MSG, distilled water and an ingredient that creates an acid environment. These are none neuro-toxins and carcinogens (brain toxins and cancer causing ingredients). I educated my kids on the dangers of an injury – a cut, a scrape, metal and rust injuries, being injured where there are animals present, (such as a farm). The very minute it happens to them or a friend they rush to me. We clean it, we put a silver gel on it and we cover it. A series of questions are asked, is there a headache, do you feel achy, see if they have a fever, make a visual of the injury is it swollen, red, are there streaks….and we set the timer for every 30 minutes following. Re-clean, re-protect, re-evaluate the injury and symptoms. It has always been fine, but if it isn’t we will rush to get a shot. I’m not stupid, quite educated in fact.


Here’s an interesting terrifying fact: in 1986 the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed by congress. This act removed all liability from manufactures, all pharmaceutical companies and all medical professionals for any injury and death!! Did you know that since this was passed the number of vaccines given to children have tripled?! Yes! And this part I will only say one time. Since then Autism has gone from 1 in 10,000 affected to 1 in 50 !! That is a fact. There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic in all 50 states. Wrap your brain around that! Of course according to the HHS (Health and Human Services) it is now called encepholopathy (symptoms include, loss of eye contact, not responding to stimuli apart from loud shouts or pain, and not seeming to recognize familiar people). I’m no expert, but that sounds a lot like autism, call it what you want, your Dr. will diagnose it the same way.

Next, the mercury discussion. The EPA (Environmental Protective Agency) has set the acceptable limit of daily mercury exposure to be 0.1 micro-gram per kilogram of weight. Based on this guideline, a baby at 2 months old, weighing 11 lbs. should receive no more than 0.5 micro-grams of mercury in one Dr.s visit. At 2 months old, they routinely receive 62.5 micro-grams of mercury in one sitting. That’s 125 times the EPA set limit). The government (the ones that aren’t accountable, since 1986), says, this is safe. Doesn’t cause harm, but the CDC (Center for Disease Control) did a study any how. It took four years but they did say that they found a link between this mercury (thimerasol) and neurodevelopmental disorders, (Brain development disorders).

I know this is a lot of information, no wonder I wasn’t able to get it all out to those that saw the news that night. I will need to make a part two perhaps.

One very important point. I hear things like “I cannot imagine NOT vaccinating my child. I am usually for personal choice of all kinds, but in this case I feel irritated that put other people at risk as they reap the benefits of other peoples caution” And much more like this. What I say to those is please, educate yourselves on these things before judging  and blaming others!  Here is a truth-bomb, In 2000 when the MMR was up for re-approval by the FDA, the only company licensed to sell the mumps vaccine, Merck found that the mumps component of the vaccine was no longer effective.  Virologists employed by the company witnessed first hand data falsifications and improper testing. They are now suing Merck. the outbreaks in the past 14 years need to be linked to the waning efficacy of the vaccine, not the un-vaccinated.  There are other facts about other vaccines for benign childhood diseases that have waning efficacy as well. In 1995 the FDA estimated that the chickenpox vaccine was only 70-90% effective. Who knows if this means 72% or 80%? That’s a wide window. The CDC then reported “the effectiveness of the vaccine is 44% against disease of any severity and 86% against moderate or severe disease”  I’m only reporting the facts here. Most people don’t know them. Now you do!  One more fact about this and it’s link to shingles. Since the chickenpox vaccine came out, shingles has increased 90%! Prior to the chickenpox vaccine shingles was only seen in adults, now it is seen in children. The best way to “vaccinate” against these similar viruses is to contract chickenpox. Even better, exposure to it after is the only longer way to be protected. This is true of those adults that want to protect themselves from an outbreak of shingles. Not the $200 vaccine for Shingles now being offered.

Okay, that’s all I have time for today. Clients are waiting. Thank you for  listening and learning more!

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