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Order and Refill Your Supplements

For your convenience, I offer a variety of ways to order and refill supplements. The suppliers below offer all the products I carry in my office, so you may order directly through these retailers and have them shipped to you. If you prefer to order with me directly, I can drop-ship your products with Priority mail or you can pick them up from my office. Please email or text me your requests for refills.


Access my online store at Kaerwell.com/go/thenaturalpathwithjillclarey And for first time users, when setting up your account, us the practitioner access code: ‘clarey’. If ordering over $100, you get free shipping, and use the voucher code: CLAREY to save $5 at checkout!


If you are after Metagenics products, you have to order from a different online store. Visit it at JClarey.metagenics.com Shop and add what you are wanting to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you select Automatic Refill, you can save even more!


Fullscript is a place to dispense health supplements and more. Use this link to my store: https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/jclarey to create an account, where you can find some general protocols, see my recommendations and order supplements. Fullscript has free shipping on orders over $50, an auto-refill option and a wide variety of personal-care items. Use this form for account creation and login instructions.