Here are some ideas to help start your natural medicine cabinet. These are either liquid – in glycerine or powder you can add to juice. VS-C for viruses and liver/immune problems OREGON GRAPE for bacterial infections ULTIMATE ECHINACEA for immune, lymphatic, headache, achy, fevers and chills SILVER SHEILD – for immune and cold or flu VITAMIN C ASCORBATES – for prevention, sore throat and cough There are also homeopathics for TEETHING and COLDS for children from Nature’s Sunshine (NSP) as well Any time any of my children are sick I always use WILD OREGANO essential oil from NSP. You must mix this one in olive oil or vitamin E oil, or jojoba, whatever you have. Never use full strength on skin. Use a dime size of oil in your hand with 3-4 drops of the Oregano oil and rub on his feet – then put on socks. HE WILL SMELL LIKE A PIZZA FACTORY – WE MADE UP A PIZZA SONG THAT WE SING WHEN WE PUT IT ON AND THE KIDS NOW LOVE IT – ALL OF THEM WANT IT WHEN 1 IS SICK – JUST FOR THE SONG!

With the herbs listed in the 1st section, (minus the vitamin C) I mix them all together in a cup and pull it up into a dropper and give 2 to 3 droppers full every hour with first sign of symptoms and the Oregano at bedtime. The vitamin C of course – only 2-3 times total in low doses to prevent diarrhea. I used all of these growing up and all of my kids use them all the time! With an infant, give 10 drops at time instead of 2-3 droppers full. For stubborn cases that these don’t remedy – go get the Nutri-Biotic GSE –LIQUID and put 7-10 drops in juice. This gets rid of all sore throats for everyone! Also Echinacea mixed with Golden seal – for strep.

If your child has allergies – or thick – yellow mucus – or an earache – get the liquid ALJ – that will thin the mucus and help him to expectorate. Also a humidifier and Tei Fu Oil mixed with carrier oil – applied to chest and back – covered well so he doesn’t get it in his eyes! The liquid CBG extract or Nutri-Biotic ear drops in the ears is good. He can also do that CBG extract orally too. It is known as the Ear Clear formula. Suggestion – when he has an ear infection – you would need to warm this under hot water from the faucet then drop it in the ear – using this cold will cause more pain and spasms. These are all good to have on hand when you need them – get them now and keep in your medicine cabinet with this sheet. You can order all of these from Nature’s Sunshine. When you get the VS-C – specify liquid – Tei fu too. If you don’t have a Nature’s Sunshine account it is easy to set one up. Call 1.800.456.1422 and tell them to set you up an instant application. They will ask for a sponsor ID. The number they need is 250100-2. Then just give them the information they request to set up a wholesale account for you. The account will last for a year and is free to set up with a $40 order.

Take care, and call with any questions! Jill Clarey, ND 336.456.4743

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