CBS Health News today tweets an article about preventing dementia with learning music. It reminds me of reading about a brain issue that a client recently came in with. He fills out a brain assessment form in office and his Temporal Lobe comes up. I work on the physical aspect of feeding the brain. I recommend other help if I feel it would be helpful, but, I feed the brain with everything I know.

Let’s talk about the Temporal Lobe. It is an area of the brain where abnormalities occur much more frequently than recognized. When problems arise with the temporal lobe, it can cause:

  • memory problems
  • headaches without clear explanation
  • anxiety or fear for no particular reason
  • abnormal visual or auditory distortions
  • periods of spaciness or confusion
  • seizures
  • word finding problems
  • emotional instability
  • mild paranoia
  • aggression, internally or externally directed

I feed with supplements, every brain needs a little support. but there are things you can do daily to make positive changes on your own too.

  • Experience life, experience – experiences! Do something to get excited about life!
  • Sing! Songs are healing.
  • Listen to music, but don’t just listen, separate out sounds. First the drums, then just listen to the guitar.
  • Learn music, play an instrument or sing, yodel!
  • Get sleep! More than 6 hours a night!
  • Eliminate caffeine and nicotine
  • Keep your blood sugar balanced, no skipping meals. Limit sugar, eat balanced proteins and carbs
  • Biofeedback

Then, come in and see me and we will feed with the proper nutrition! It’s an investment in yourself and your future. See you soon!!

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